Bond Planning Process

The planning for the May 2015 bond election has been an 18-month process and involved many levels of information gathering, research and community input. WISD’s last bond election in May 2013 was unsuccessful, leaving District-wide needs still unaddressed.


In late 2013, the District immediately began to regroup, seek feedback and implement a new process to address its facilities. This phase began with a thorough review of our current facilities. The District hired an architectural firm, Huckabee, who has exclusively served public school districts in Texas for over 48 years, to help WISD reevaluate our facilities and develop options to address them. In addition to the comprehensive District-wide facility assessment, the District conducted a demographic study, community surveys and formed the WISD Facility Advisory of Citizens, Teachers and Students (FACTS) Committee.


The FACTS Committee, made up of local citizens, civic and business leaders, parents and school staff, met for three months to study and prioritize District needs. They toured existing campuses and studied the facility assessment, enrollment projections, community survey, District financial information and tax impact scenarios. They examined many different facility solutions and project costs, including the need for new facilities, safety and security, and updates to existing campuses. The FACTS Committee recommended four priorities that were further studied by the Board of Trustees and reduced to three single propositions for voters to consider.


After careful consideration, the WISD Board of Trustees officially called a bond referendum on February 26, 2015.

For more information on the bond planning process, please visit the Facility Advisory of Citizens, Teachers & Students website. Here you will find helpful resources and further information on the committee and its meetings.

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