Proposition one

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Security Upgrades

Classroom intruder function door hardware, upgraded surveillance, intercom and access control systems

Technology Upgrades

Infrastructure upgrades to data cabling, fiber-backbone, storage spaces and hardware to meet current standards and provide an improved wireless network

Accessibility Upgrades

Comply with the American’s with Disabilities Act and Texas Accessibility Standards

Exterior Improvements

Concrete and masonry repairs, joint resealing, surface drainage, storm water management and sidewalk pavement improvements

Fire Safety Improvements

Replace fire-alarm systems that have met the effective lifecycle and install fire-sprinkler system where currently non-existent

Plumbing System Upgrades

Update outdated systems to comply with building code, increase efficiency and reduce maintenance

Electrical System Upgrades

Upgrade and expand outdated electrical service panels and switchgear to comply with building code and increase power needed to support growth and use of classroom technology

Lighting Improvements

New lighting fixtures and installation of occupancy sensors to improve safety and energy efficiency, and reduce maintenance and operating costs

Food Service Upgrades

New food service equipment and kitchen storage upgrades

Proposition Three

Safety & Security – Construction of a controlled entrance to improve campus security

Includes the reconfiguration of internal spaces in order to house administration at the entrance of the facility requiring visitors to report to the campus office and present identification before being granted access to the main part of the school.


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