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Proposition one – Existing Facility Improvements

The average age of WISD schools is 30-years-old. This bond will allow for upgrades and improvements to comply with current codes and standards, increase safety and security, make schools more energy efficient and extend the life of each facility. Proposed projects include:

District-wide upgrades to major building systems that exceed the limits of the District’s operational budget, like heating and air conditioning, lighting and electrical

Improvements to exterior issues including masonry, concrete and site drainage

Renovations to aging facilities for compliance with building code and the Americans with Disabilities Act

Safety and security upgrades including fire alarm replacements, access control systems, classroom intruder function door hardware and security cameras


Proposition two – Grade Realignment & Growth

Currently, WISD elementary schools serve grades K-6 and middle schools serve grades 7-8. The District is proposing to realign elementary schools to K-5 and middle schools to 6-8. This will provide better alignment with age-appropriate curriculum and state accountability standards and eliminate the need to transport sixth graders to middle schools for advanced classes and fine arts. In addition, realignment will provide space for student growth over the next decade at the elementary school level and will remove students from portable buildings. Proposed projects include:

Move Sixth Grade to Middle School Level

New Hall Middle School serving Grades 6-8

To renovate and add sixth grade to the existing Hall Middle School, built in 1967, bring it up to modern standards and requirements and to create an equitable environment to Tison Middle School would cost $31.3 million and extend the life of the facility by 20 years. Therefore, the District is proposing to replace the existing facility with a new school at its current location to serve grades 6-8 at a cost of $41.1 million and with a 50+ year lifecycle.

Sixth Grade Addition to Tison Middle School

Construct a sixth grade classroom addition to Tison Middle School to also make it a grade 6-8 campus as well as track and field upgrades


Proposition three – Safety & security at all campuses

Construction of controlled entrances to improve security at all campuses

Includes the reconfiguration of internal spaces in order to house administration at the entrance of the facility requiring visitors to report to the campus office and present identification before being granted access to the main part of the school.

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